LAB BRAT Coffee Cup (Purple Interior)


LAB BRAT Coffee Cup (Purple Interior)


The perfect Periodically Inspired gift for a coffee-drinkin' chemistry-lover!

  • Matte Black with Purple Interior
  • 11oz. ceramic C-handle mug
  • Dishwasher safe, but handwashing always recommended

(Although more than one is shown to display the full wrap, this listing is for one Periodically Inspired LAB BRAT coffee mug)

What makes you a LAB BRAT?
★ La: Mixed with other rare earths, Lanthanum is used in flints for lighters. Lanthanum compounds are used in electron microscopy to resolve individual atoms and in movie lighting to illuminate vast areas.
★ B. Boron is found in the common mineral borax, but is rarely seen in pure form
★ Br: Bromine is liquid at room temperature but evaporates very rapidly into a purple-brown, choking gas that smells rather like chlorine. Sodium bromide, the bromine analog of table salt, is often used in hot tubs.
★ At: Astatine is a radioactive element which occurs in vanishingly small quantities in the natural decay chains of uranium and thorium minerals. 

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